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Alternative clothing in the market
Alternative clothing in the market
  • Alternative clothing in the market
  • Alternative fashion - Stables Market
  • Metal t-shirt - Stables Market
  • Alternative footwear available in Camden Town
  • Cyber Dog shop - Alternative clothing and clubwear
  • Footwear fashion in Stables Market
  • Leather jackes - Alternative fashion
  • Piercing shop inn the market
  • Alternative architecture - Street graffiti

Goth, punk, clubware and alternative fashion

Regardless of what subculture you identify with, you name it, Camden has it, somewhere. Goth, punk, exotic, quirky, emo or just plain, Camden Town has it all. One of the many reasons people love Camden Town is because you can get anything you could ever want to wear there. Explore the depths of Camden market to find everything from vintage suits to heavy boots, tribal, hippy or streetwear, and t-shirts for every band you've ever heard of. And to top it off, Camden is the place to wear all this awesome gear.

Alternative shopping and markets

Camden Town is an alternative oasis away from the commercial centre of London. In Camden you can conduct your shopping in an entirely new level, because nothing about the shops and stalls in Camden falls into so-called main stream. Leather, studs, and combat boots are common apparel in the pathways of the Camden markets together with hips of other amazing clutter that you'd have never dreamt of.

Clubs, pubs and bars

There are loads of great pubs in Camden Town to visit for just a pint of craft beer or a great cocktail. And those pubs attract an eclectic mix of people reflecting the alternative nature of Camden Town itself. Head The Underworld club to catch a well known metal, hardcore and metalcore bands, warm up with the same metal-orientated flock in Devonshire Arms or The World's End. You'll also want to pop in to The Jazz Cafe which is an award winning live music venue, known for its well-known jazz, hip hop, soul and funk artists gracing its stage. Looking for a gay friendly environment? The Black Cap will do just fine. You will be warmly welcomed and will have a memorable night.

Arts and architecture

Camden Town’s building facades feature alternative fashion, politically charged commentary and graffiti street art. Also discover Camden's hidden architectural wonders in form of the famous markets and surrounding constructions.