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Cheap meal treats in Camden Lock market
Cheap meal treats in Camden Lock market
  • Cheap meal treats in Camden Lock market
  • Camden Town's main junction
  • Camden High street is admission free
  • Cheap coffee shop in Camden Lock
  • Camden Lock is free and a great place to visit
  • Paella stall in the market near Camden Lock
  • Stables Market is admission free
  • Sigh seeing in Stables Market
  • Free Regent's Park in Camden

Free Camden Town

Make the most of your stay in the town with number of free Camden Town attractions, places and parks without spending a penny. From Camdens' exquisite parks, to world-class attractions such as the markets, historic houses, stunning art sights and free activities for kids, there are some amazing free experiences to be had in Camden Town. The range of free stuff is incredible. A visit to Camden Town is not complete without spending some time around the area where Regent's Canal crosses Camden High Street, runs through the very heart of Camden and becomes Camden Lock. It's great to just hang around and absorb the atmosphere. Great part of Camden is devoted to parks and open spaces, which are also free, so there are plenty of places to relax.

Cheap restaurants Camden

There are hundreds of restaurants in Camden with a plenty of them running promotions on daily basis, so you'll never be short of great discounts to grab a snack. And then there are the markets. Camden Market is a culturally diverse place with food stalls from around the world which greatly reflects on the variety of cuisines available. From English, American, Pan Asian, Japanese, Spanish, Greek, Cypriot, Caribbean or Indian, the tastes offered are so extensive that no other place in London can offer such variety of food. And you'll rarely spend more than a fiver on a plate.

Cheap accommodation

Camden Town boast shopping and green spaces and offer a number of surprisingly affordable mid-range hotels. There are plenty of places to stay in Camden Town on a budget. Whether cheap hotels, charming bed and breakfast or friendly hostels, you'll simply find everything from low-cost hotels to home stays. Some accommodation agencies might help you find the perfect place to stay during your visit to Camden Town. Tiny fee might apply.

Free attractions in Camden Town

Camden's free world-class tourist attractions are renowned across the globe. Camden markets or Camden Lock buzzing with millions of visitors every year are the true signature of this alternative neighbourhood. Camden Town is the best known for its people which makes just walking around an adventure. Colourful characters on the streets and behind the stalls, staff in the pubs, music fans and performers, they all share the spirit of Camden. Just grab a coffee and watch the world go by. If you love shopping chances are you love Camden Town. Head north along Camden High Street past local pubs selling craft beer or stores selling heavy boots, goth and punk clothing. Body piercings, tattoos and alternative fashion store are also not to be missed. Heading north allow yourself a few hours to enjoy the extensive Camden Town markets.