Free Camden Town

Main square with the Camden Eye
Main square with the Camden Eye
  • Main square with the Camden Eye
  • Walking Camden High street is free
  • Camden High street near the station
  • Regent's park is always open and free
  • Shopping complex in Stables Market
  • Great street art around the markets is free to photograph

Make the most of your stay in the town with these free Camden Town attractions. From exquisite parks, to world-class markets and music venues. You'll always find stuff to do for free in Camden.

Camden Town Markets

If you love shopping chances are you love Camden Town. Take the Tube to Mornington Crescent (or Camden Town station - usually very busy on weekends), then head north along Camden High Street past local pubs selling craft beer or stores selling heavy boots, goth and punk clothing. Now, although you will have to pay for your shopping the good news is that the most of the markets are admission free. That way even while on a budget you can always wander around and have fun. Body piercings, tattoos and alternative fashion stores are also not to be missed. Hundreds of shops and stalls are housed in Camden selling a variety of unique items from accessories and jewellery to furniture and clothing. If you get tired of shopping there's a plenty of entertainment within the markets including highly acclaimed galleries or beer gardens. Alternatively there's also a plenty of food stalls serving world famous cuisines.

Free live music gigs

Pink Floyd, The Doors, Amy Winehouse and Jimi Hendrix, they all performed in Camden pubs and bars before they hit the big time. They're all part of Camden Town today and visitors come to experience the fantastic vibe of the venues that once hosted the icons. Camden Town is indeed one of the most busiest places for live music in London. Wannabe rock stars continue to flood Camden, and you can often see them play for just a few pounds or even for free at these live music bars. It might also happen you will catch a band performing inside a skate shop as a promotion, cool right.

Regent's Park & Primrose Hill

Camden Town area has many historically important and beautiful outdoor places and parks. Some of them are world famous such as Regent's Park and Hamstead Heath, while others are treasures waiting to be found. Camden has a wonderful mix of wild open spaces and squares, pocket parks and places where people can enjoy themselves. Most of the parks are free and for example Hamstead Heath is open 24/7.

Free Camden Lock

A visit to Camden Town is not complete without spending some time around the area where Regent's Canal crosses Camden High Street, runs through the very heart of Camden and becomes Camden Lock. Camden Lock became one of London's major attractions. You can take a trip along the Regent's Canal when you stop by the markets at Camden Lock and carry on your boat tour to Little Venice and back. Camden Lock is also famous for its markets, street food and outdoor gatherings not to mention the number of pubs, restaurants and shops situated around the area. The area is admission free so you can just pop in and enjoy the atmosphere.

Free street art & music

Camden Town is one of the top places in London to go for alternative fashion, retro clothing, metal & punk leather jackets and all sorts of  vintage gear. It is also a place to go in order to start off you music career or an artistic gig. The streets of Camden are packed with various performers, music bands, craft artists and painters. It's free to walk around but you might get seduced and chip in. Be sure to head towards Camden Town if you're in the market for a tattoo or piercing. Ear piercing and nose piercing have been particularly widespread and are well represented around Camden Town.

Cycle along Camden

Got a bike? The best you can do is to cycle around and enjoy Camden's magnificent scenery and parks. Need a bike? You can always use a cycle hire point provided by the city of London. They're quite famous and cheap.