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Camden High Street shopping
Camden High Street shopping
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Camden High Street

Camden High Street is in the midst of all the markets providing a highway for a numerous groups of visitors wandering around. It's where it all starts. Get off the tube at Mornington Crescent station and head north passing by Camden Town station to Chalk Farm road ending up at Chalk Farm Station. This journey is lined up with amazing shops, pubs, indoor and outdoor markets, and restaurants. It is the back bone of Camden Town. Follow its trail and you can drop by and shop in all the markets of Camden. It's usually very busy so be prepared for crowds.

Stables Market

Camden Stables Market or just Stables Market, as its name suggest previous purpose to be a horse hospital, now provides its catacombs under the arches and makes up one of the largest of Camden's popular market spaces. Hundreds of shops and stalls are housed there selling a variety of unique items from accessories and jewellery to furniture and clothing. If you get tired of shopping there's a plenty of entertainment within the market including highly acclaimed galleries or beer gardens. Alternatively there's also a plenty of food stalls serving world famous cuisines.

Camden Lock Market

A visit to Camden Town is not complete without spending some time around the area where Regent's Canal crosses Camden High Street, runs through the very heart of Camden Town and becomes Camden Lock. It's a great sight and it's highly recommended to just hang around and absorb the atmosphere. Watching the canal boats going through the lock might be more fun then you ever imagined.  Make sure not to eat anything upfront your arrival as Camden Lock Market houses a plenty of world cuisine food stalls including jerk chicken, pizza or sushi. The market is surrounded with a number of great places where you can enjoy a pint and relax a bit after the feast.

Camden Lock Market Hall

Camden Lock Market actually refers to a wider area of markets, pubs and restaurants including the market hall. The hall can be entered directly from Camden High street and could be seen as yet another market withing the market. There's at least couple of entrances from the side where Lock Market spans. The interior is an impressive mixture of historical architecture and furniture. You can find jewellery shops selling handmade items, various world famous clothing stalls also representing those sell points with a great offer of a vintage stock.

Camden Lock Village Market

Camden Lock Village Market next to the railway bridge and opposite to Camden Lock Market, where you’ll find lots of crafted and painted clothes, food stalls and various creative clutter shops is Camden’s original and one of the finest browsing spots. Camden Lock Village is the space that made the markets area synonymous with market shopping and famous for its vintage moto scooter seats in the front facing the pond between the two boat locks. This area of over 200 shops and stalls boasts an unparalleled range of items and products, buzzes with a creative energy. When you need a break head to one of the many soffee stalls that sell craft coffee from all over the world.

Buck Street Market

Situated on Camden High Street opposite Inverness Street Market this area is packed with clubwear, jeans, t-shirts, jewellery, fashion accessories, alternative clothing, footwear and so on. This busy jungle of around 200 stalls in narrow alley fashion was originally known as Buck Street Market. It is one of several separate markets off Camden High Street and Chalk Farm road. A few stallholders sell their own designs of clothing and are particularly worth seeking out for a good bargain.

Inverness Street Market

Inverness Street Market is great traditional street market right off the station. There are many of stalls selling fruit and vegetable, bags, clothing, t-shirts and similar. Inverness street is also known for its many good pubs and restaurants.